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Karate-jutsu or the Art of Karate is an ancient and brutally effective method of self-defense that addresses the standard types of attacks that have plagued man kind for thousands of years. Learning how to respond dispassionately to unwarranted aggression requires self-empowerment and Karate-jutsu training promotes this by developing a person's inner-calm, concentration, discipline & self-control. 

To understand how such an effective form of self-defense could possibly exist, it is necessary to first understand this civil defense system's centuries of evolution. In developing Karate-jutsu, its pioneers realized very early that a response to being grabbed by the hair from behind needed to be different than the response to being tackled around the waist. They concluded that in order to defend themselves effectively they needed to develop different defensive strategies to handle different situations. As a result the arts creators categorized the standard forms of attack into 36 different habitual acts of physical violence. Over hundreds of years of trial and error, they developed the brutally effective responses to each type of attack.

Self-defense training consists of two person drills, where one of the participants re-enacts one of the many types of attacks while their partner makes use of the most brutally effective defensive techniques. Once a student learns enough of these sequences of defensive techniques, a kata is created to remind the student of which defensive techniques are appropriate for a given set of attack scenarios. The kata is created by first removing the attacker from the two person drills so that the defensive techniques are performed without a partner. Each one of these sequences of defensive techniques is then chained together to form a solo exercise called a kata. As a result, the kata contains the secrets of the appropriate location, tool, angle, direction and intensity of the defense which is required to address a given attack scenario.

"On Ko Chi Shin" - To study the old is to understand the new.


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